Things I Love Thursday

2 Feb

  • College formals
  • Entering a photography competition(!)
  • Letting myself get carried away by the last day of the Body Shop’s sale
  • Productivity
  • Plans, bookings, purchases, more plans
  • Ian McEwan
  • The Durham University Library’s website and catalogue
  • Hair products
  • My boyfriend who sent me FLOWERS – I can’t get over the gorgeousness of my dozen red roses. I actually got my own St Valentine’s Day this year :)
  • My new sheets
  • Our new housemate who is ever so lovely
  • Conversations with English girls
  • An exhibition in an “empty shop”
  • Cider cider CIDER
  • A pub lunch on Saturday – I had a sweet chestnut roulade – oh dear God how did I live without this greatness before?
  • Relatives
  • Skype calls with parents
  • A heavenly walk in the countryside just a mile away from our house
  • Seeing a donkey (from afar… s/he wouldn’t come closer!)
  • A trickling stream
  • Honesty boxes
  • Encouragement
  • Fantastic Mr Fox
  • Red wine
  • Haggis (in Scotland)
  • Arthur’s Seat
  • Edinburgh
  • Controlling the urge to throw a bottle at a Very, Very Rude Whisky Shop Owner
  • Delicious mulled wine (I had two in a row. So good. So expensive. But so good.)
  • My little purse
  • The Writers’ Museum in Edinburgh
  • Meeting a lovely Maltese guy in Edinburgh (an old friend of my boyfriend’s)
  • Buying Soap & Glory’s Hand Food
  • Writing this TILT on a train using East Coast’s free 15 minutes of Wi-Fi for poor non-First Class passengers
  • Loving life
  • Buying ear muffs
  • THE EDINBURGH ZOO – i.e. giant pandas, penguins, leopards, a tiger, and other awesome animals and birds
  • Deep-fried Mars bars
  • Finishing John Green’s latest book
  • Finishing Ian McEwan’s Black Dogs
  • Great Scottish food in great Scottish pubs
  • Love

Let me know what you think! =)

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