Sunday Photo Mishmash: haggis, hearts, and Midnight in Paris.

29 Jan

It was Burns Night this week, and we celebrated in style. We went to my boyfriend’s college for a special formal. The main course was, obviously, haggis, neeps ‘n’ tatties. DELICIOUSNESS ON A PLATE.

A clootie dumpling (drowning in cream) for dessert. So good.

One evening this week, this was my supper. Mmm.

We watched Midnight on Paris this week. I think Owen Wilson spoiled it a little for me. I’m not his biggest fan, at all.

We went for lunch at a Slug and Lettuce for the first time on Thursday. I had British wholetail scampi. Extremely tasty.

My outfit on Thursday: bright skinny jeans from Stradivarius, ankle boots from New Look, a billowy top with a heart pattern from Dorothy Perkins, and a swirly black H&M scarf.

I had a massive chocolate pudding with hot custard for dessert at Slug and Lettuce. Mmm.

Yesterday, we went on a Saturday walk in the countryside. This is a colourful bridge not too far from our house. I think it’s quite pretty.


Let me know what you think! =)

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