Medley of Miscellany

28 Jan

Oh yes it is!

Beautiful skirt + stripes + lipstick combination.

I want nutella pancakes so so much right now. LOOK AT THEM.

Snow in the background. A snuggly chunky knit. AND THAT RING. So pretty.

I currently have a thing for sequins (and fishtail braids!).

I’m not the hugest fan of camping, but I’m very aware of the Super Amazing Experiences that can only be had while camping. This picture presents it all in a very cosy, comfortable manner. (They even have chairs!)


This is an amazingly gorgeous part of Iceland. A tiny fishing village called Arnarstapi. It has a minuscule chapel (so pretty), a wonderful little family-owned restaurant serving The Best Fish Soup Ever (with home-made bread that is basically CAKE), lava fields, a gloriously majestic coastline, and a view of the starting point of The Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

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Would you be able to limit your clothing purchases to just twelve items in 2012? A plan for 2012 and 5 shopping rules.

Famous photographers posing with their most iconic images. I love Kurt Cobain and the “Afghan girl”.

I love John Green with a passion. (I’m such a nerdfighter.) He’s started a Crash Course in World History (<3!) and this is the first (super entertaining) video.

These tumblers are designed to get you drunk faster. Seriously! Genius.



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