Sunday Photo Mishmash: frost, an owl hat, and Roald Dahl stamps.

22 Jan

Lots of photos this week! First, a quick photo while walking towards the library, on a very frosty day. (Look at the beautiful horses! And the frost-covered meadow!)

Next: a couple of books from the long, long list of books and articles that I’ve had to read this week. Not complaining too much though, because they’ve actually been incredibly interesting and captivating.

Mascara, blusher, lip gloss. (This is me on one of the rare days when I wear make-up. I should really do it more often though; it makes me feel more put-together and dressed up.)

I thoroughly enjoyed putting together my giveaway postcards and prize this week, especially when I picked up these gorgeous Roald Dahl stamps.

I picked up this bow hair band at the Durham Accessorize sale for really cheap.

I have no space whatsoever in my shoebox-sized room, so when I lay clothes out to wear the following day, I need to open a drawer and drape them over that. *sobs* I want more space!

I went for a delightful lunch with a friend on Wednesday, and these were the remains. (I had a brie-bacon-and-cranberry sandwich – so good!)

The cafeteria (called Flat White) was so lovely – our table was made out of an actual sewing machine, and the rest of the decor is so pretty.

I bought an owl hat from River Island on Wednesday.

I’m very pleased about it as you can tell.

Oh, Durham University Library. I love you, I do. But please learn the difference between its and it’s.

A pint of cider and some pink lemonade on a Friday night (after hearing an address by the editor-in-chief of The Economist. *swoons*).

My boyfriend made this divine chicken salad yesterday evening. He even made his own mayonnaise! Incredible.


4 Responses to “Sunday Photo Mishmash: frost, an owl hat, and Roald Dahl stamps.”

  1. Stephanie January 22, 2012 at 6:27 pm #

    I feel your pain, having a shoebox for a room is really irritating. On the other hand, at least it is super cozy!
    Also, Durham looks so beautiful – it must be so nice to have (frosty) fields of horses to gaze at on the way to the library.

    • clairecommando January 22, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

      YES, my room may be tiny, but it scores 10/10 for cosiness =)
      Oh yes, Durham is very beautiful – colder than London, but the bits of countryside and the small-city-feel are awesome. And the majestic cathedral! Oh, you must visit.

  2. Alison January 23, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    I got your postcard. Thank you so much,. It’s been so long since I got one that it totally made my day =) xxxx

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