Things I Love Thursday

19 Jan

Sorry about the lack of posts recently (busy with uni stuff!) , but at least the “regular” posts are still emerging in one way or another. =)

  • Preparing, purchasing, and sending off all the giveaway prizes and postcards
  • Pasanda (my favourite Indian curry)
  • Using Pinterest (mainly working on this Wedding Bells board)
  • Cranberry and brie, together
  • Our first Tesco home delivery
  • A to-do list
  • My first seminar of the term (which was really lovely – I am so pleased about this module)
  • Lots of (very interesting) reading
  • Flipping through a cookbook (haven’t made anything yet though…)
  • Organisation
  • A little bit of sales shopping in Durham
  • A lot of sales shopping online. I love that I live in a country to which H&M ships. *elation*
  • New books
  • Hot chocolate (tea for her – lovely and so-very-English) and cake with a very sweet English friend
  • Lunch and coffee with my loveliest Singaporean friend
  • A good spot of shopping around Durham
  • My first Graze box in a while
  • Frost
  • Fruit
  • Strawberries dipped in Nutella for breakfast
  • Purchasing a woolly owl-shaped beanie
  • Delicious salmon prepared by my boyfriend after a long, gruesome day
  • That apple and blackberry jam crumble of deliciousness at Durham Library’s cafeteria

Let me know what you think! =)

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