Sunday Mishmash (of other things)

15 Jan

Guys. I’m sorry. I spent most of this week inside, sick. My phone has no photos for me to show you, whatsoever. Sad times.

BUT I am swiftly turning this into a delightful opportunity to present to you another mishmash this Sunday. The following are some interesting/amusing/pretty pictures and links that I’ve come across recently. Please enjoy.

For example: cutest picture evar? I fink so.

Radical NY Resolutions, for the entire year! I read this post last year and again this year. Amazingly inspiring and happy-fying.

I love peter pan collars (although I don’t really own many things with that feature… must change that soon!) – and I could definitely change it by purchasing this beauty. Aaa look at how sparkly it is!

This is my new favourite hair style:

I’ve taken up knitting again recently. I’m slowly but surely making… a rectangle. (Well, that’s what it looks like right now.) Anyway. I would love to learn how to crochet and make a million of these.

100 things that are awesome and that you and I should do more of.

My favourite mascara is drying up a little, so I’m eager to repurchase. It’s the best, I promise.

I am addicted to woolly stuff lately, and I really want to add more woollens to my clothes, especially some sort of long-jumper-dress type things. These patterns and textures are gorgeous:

I need this journal, so badly.

And finally, all I want in life is a double bed, lots of cushions, and a WALL OF SHELVES STUFFED WITH BOOKS, yeah!


2 Responses to “Sunday Mishmash (of other things)”

  1. Raylene January 15, 2012 at 11:02 am #

    Get ready for a way too long comment:

    * I’ve seen detachable peter pan collars which you can attach to stuff you already have, PLUS patterns for them, like at

    * Crochet isn’t as hard as you’d think…I learnt how to crochet and anything past a knit stitch and casting on via the internet. And those hearts are easy and quick to make ;)

    * I heard that if you take an old tube of mascara into Boots, they’ll give you a Clinique one. Details:

    * And if you don’t use it, get into Pinterest…you’ll love it! Check it out and if you like it ask me for an invite (you can request an invite on the site, but it can take up to a week to get one).

    Oh, and I hope you’re feeling better :)

    – Raylene xx

    • clairecommando January 15, 2012 at 11:07 am #

      Hahaha thanks for the mega-long comment and helpfulness! :)

      Love the collar patterns! Yes, I’ll probably use the internet to learn to crochet (as we probably do for everything else in life. We love the internet!). I *have* heard about that Boots thing! I’ll probably just keep sucking out the life of my beloved L’Oreal mascara for now though. And yes yes I’ve recently gotten into Pinterest :D

      And thanks – I’m feeling about 80% better, yay! :)

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