Sunday Photo Mishmash: Monopoly Malta, Gozo, and cake.

8 Jan

It’s been quite a quiet week in Malta, but I do have a few photos showing what I’ve been up to. On New Year’s Day, my boyfriend and I teamed up with two lovely friends (also a couple), and played an interesting (very long) game of Monopoly. I seemed to be doing rather well, but then I neglected my savings and kept visiting hotels, and it was downhill from there. (I didn’t actually go properly bankrupt though, which is an achievement. My boyfriend totally did though.) :)

While playing Monopoly, my extremely talented baker-friend gave me a nice chunk of her famous Billionaire’s Cake (if that’s its name – it should be called Multi-Billionaire’s Cake!) – it had nutella, gooey stuff, a biscuit-y base, chunks of ALL sorts of goodness… wow. Very tasty.

I spotted my boyfriend’s cat one evening, asleep, adorable, cocooned in a blanket. So cute.

My boyfriend and I went over to Gozo (Malta’s sister island) for a visit on Wednesday. We popped over to one of our favourite Gozitan haunts: a restaurant called Odyssey. I had my usual: ravioli with tomato sauce. Mmm.

We also visited gorgeous Dwejra. Window!

It was all very picturesque.

I was a little cold, but very pleased about all the beauty.

I’ve been reading McEwan’s Black Dogs this week. (Don’t read the pages though! For one thing it will spoil the story a little, and for another this bit turned out to be particularly raunchy.)

And finally: we had lunch with three of our favourite Maltese friends yesterday (at a burger place with maaassive burgers), and I indulged in this HEAVENLY piece of chocolate mousse-and-brownie dessert. Wow. I am actually considering going back there simply to gobble this up again.

Durham in a couple of days!


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