Christmas presents 2011

3 Jan

Christmas is a great time of year for the giving and receiving of gifts to/from your nearest and dearest. Here’s most of what I super-gladly received this year:

Firstly, a gorgeous serif tote bag. Geeky. Great quality. So cool.

A ridiculously pretty colourful pocket. This will be perfect for make-up, toiletries, stationery, etc.

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Tree of Codes. Wow. Haven’t read it yet, but hoping to start this evening. This is not any regular book.

(The inside of the book.) This is a work of art. I love flicking through. JSF created a book from a book that already existed, by cutting out bits of the original book. A beauty.

Pretty Accessorize socks! I love receiving socks.

An M&S chocolate Christmas lolly. Always a favourite.

One of my best friends created this Awesome Bag of Delightful Pressies. *squeals*

Aerial view.

Kit Kat santas, and a very cute butterfly notebook + pencil.

Dutch wrapping paper!

I LOVE Body Shop body butters, and this smells so good that I’m still resisting the urge to eat it.

An adorable blogging-related book =) and a little hand-warmer-hot-water-bottle! With a union jack design! So cute. And it’ll be very useful, I’m sure.

A beautiful purple bag that I’ve already used a tonne of times.

I really like kite-flying, and this is the perfect little gift for me! Haven’t tried it yet though. But seriously, a kite on a keyring!

More socks! Stripes, hearts, and the cutest chubby robin.

Super-warm, lined mittens (for when I’m going to need to have double layers glove-wise).

Yay, I love presents!


2 Responses to “Christmas presents 2011”

  1. Felicity January 4, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

    Wow, I had been anxiously awaiting a new release from Jonathan Safran Foer… not anxiously enough I guess because I totally had no idea that book existed! Off to order it now, thanks! Also love that tote bag – cute presents, cute blog. Merry Christmas :)

    • clairecommando January 4, 2012 at 12:47 pm #

      Haha that’s awesome! I’m glad to have alerted you to the new JSF book =) And thanks so much for your lovely comments. Thanks ever so much for reading. Hope you’re having a great festive season xxx

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