Top 11 Personal Highlights of 2011

31 Dec

2011 was an absolutely fantastic year. There were some awful lows for me (and it had been pretty quiet around here during those times… *sad face*) BUT the highs were so surprisingly good that I can safely say that it’s been my best year yet. It’s a little reflective over here today, as I list my top 11 personal highlights of the year:

– Moving to another country

Hah! I still can’t really believe this one. But it’s there. I have my own little home, far away from here. Awesome. *pats back*

– Taking the plunge and switching my academic life around

After 4 years of law, I finally put my foot down and am now a proud student in the MA in Modern History course at Durham University, on a scholarship! Wow. Top history department in the UK too. Wow.

– My relationship

I’m finishing the year with my boyfriend, who was an absolute star in 2011. We’ve gone to lots of exciting new places, had so much fun, and ate a million types of yummy food. And we now have our own little home in Durham. I am so lucky that he’s there with me.

– Id-Dritt Vol. XXI

I was the editor of an entire book (a law journal) as part of the University of Malta’s Law Student Society, and the project was finished in mid-March (a day before my birthday). It was probably the main focus of the first three months of this year, as well as most of 2010! I’m incredibly proud of it, and it’s a lovely, physical reminder that I can indeed achieve some awesome, crazy things.

– Travels

Iceland, Dundee, Glastonbury, Cyprus, UK. Highlights include the Northern Lights outside Reykjavík, a little road trip around Scotland, visits to Lush (in Cyprus, Dundee, Bath, Bristol, the Metrocentre, and Newcastle), Coldplay at Glasto, putting up twinkly lights in Durham, perusing the Iceland Lonely Planet guide… so many moments which make me feel so happy about the past year’s travels.

– Growth

Personal growth, growth with regard to my relationships with others, academic growth (lots!), and learning more ‘ways of the world’.

– Writing

I’m glad to have had many opportunities in 2011 with regard to writing, and it’s what I hope to do even more of in 2012. (And of a higher quality, too.)

– Camera

I bought my lovely camera! It’s only been a few months, but has definitely made my creative juices flow a little bit better.

– Graduating 

I had my second graduation this year, passed all my exams first time ’round, and popped down from Durham for the ceremony and celebrations.

– Notarial practice

I also spent a few months in the summer at some notaries’ offices, getting an on-hands, practical  education.

– Blog!

And finally, one of my top personal highlights of 2011 has been this little corner of the internet here. I’ve kept it up for an entire year (very happily!), and this is my 322nd published post! A success.

Pardon the ridiculously gleeful post today, but I’m just so pleased about my relationship with 2011! Cannot wait for 2012.


2 Responses to “Top 11 Personal Highlights of 2011”

  1. melahart December 31, 2011 at 6:20 pm #

    Congrats on the past year… and good luck for 2012. It’s so refreshing reading such a happy post about the year gone by.

    • clairecommando January 2, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

      Oh, thanks ever so much :) I hope you have a wonderful 2012, too. x

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