Top 11 Claire’s (online) Chronicles Blog Posts of 2011

30 Dec

A few behind-the-scenes facts about

According to my Site Stats, these are my Top 11 blog posts for 2011:

1. 5 reasons why buscading is AWESOME – did anyone doubt this? This post is by far my most popular one, and was only published a few weeks ago! I might have hit a little bit of a nerve, somehow. =)

2. Sometimes, you have to be your own hero – A huge number of people come to my site through this post. Not sure why, but it’s a sweet one.

3. It was not your fault but mine – Lovely music!

4. Little Bits of Love 8 – My Little Bits of Love series is one of my favourites. A pretty little cute picture, and a loving thought. Number 8 was the most popular one, awwh.

5. Nerd. – Exam time stress, and a cute bear in glasses. Bound to be popular.

6. Impossible Love – I still can’t get over this concept. My heart is bursting.

7. My new hand extension – Yippee, a new phone!

8. Music Mondays: Flight Brigade – More music, this time from a band I actually saw live in Durham. Lovely.

9. Second graduation: check! – Very proud about this one.

10. I’m a History student now, you see – I really am. =)

11. Sunday Photo Mishmash: Malta, snakes, graduations, (and food, obviously) – I love my Sunday Photo Mishmashes. And this one featured snakes, so it’s obviously awesome.

Other stuff:

My blog’s most popular month was December (still going strong!) =) – quickly followed by January.

Some of my most popular search terms (i.e. stuff people search for which leads them to my blog) include: ‘sometimes you have to be your own hero’, ‘cute pics of love’, ‘claire’s online’, and ‘tumblr nerd’.

The most popular referrers for my blog are Facebook and Twitter links, and Google searches. Links off come in at a close fourth though! =)

The most popular click from my blog is Tee hee.


Let me know what you think! =)

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