29 Dec

Here it is! A super-massive collection of extra-special TILTS from an entire year’s worth of listing things I loved on a Thursday. =)

  • Pondering about spending a year in the UK as a Master’s student… this September
  • Discounted M&S Christmas goodies
  • The word ‘buttermilk’
  • To-and-fro emails with lots of silliness and encouragement
  • Taking little steps which might lead to a Big Change
  • Singing (in whispers) bits from The Lion King during a lecture with my best friend, just to lighten the mood
  • Applying for funding for my MA
  • Prayer
  • Sleepovers
  • Studying pretty effectively for my first two exams, including posting my queries on Facebook and having my lovely classmates and/or other helpful people give answers and hints
  • Watching Big Bang Theory in bed with my boyfriend, in Iceland
  • ‘Simple island people’
  • Surviving an interview
  • Being in all sorts of out-of-this-world beautiful places with my wonderful boyfriend (who is a great travelling partner)
  • People asking ‘How was Iceland?’ (my answer is usually an immediate ‘Amazing.’)
  • Understanding weird legal things
  • BBC World Service programmes while driving to my boyfriend’s house
  • Seeing a friend of mine running the half marathon (and then finishing it! For the second time!)
  • Lunch at my best friend’s house which was totally delicious and wonderful
  • A Wagamama meal (including ridiculously overpriced but ridiculously tasty white chocolate and ginger cheesecake for dessert)
  • Early morning smiles and kisses
  • Swimming in the sea
  • Wearing a maxi dress for the first time this year
  • Getting a new computer built from scratch
  • The Dingli Agricultural Fest on Sunday. Animals, delicious food (boiled ravioli, irkotta ice-cream, and lots of other treats), holding a baby goat, riding a donkey (bareback and everything), admiring gorgeous birds (including an actual eagle!), and just enjoying everything
  • Going to Lidl in Malta for the first time
  • Thinking about end September…
  • Attending a spring festival with the biggest Maltese loaf of bread EVER BAKED. And it was dee-licious.
  • Feeling so excited about Glastonbury (and a little scared.)
  • A figurine thing in the shape of a chubby bird. CHUBBEH BIRD.
  • The Royal Wedding (duh!) :)
  • Body butter
  • Closure and a more peaceful feeling
  • The KSU Elections
  • My best friend got a tortoise – it’s so, so cute
  • An available parking space on a Monday morning
  • A spur of the moment (spectacular!) trip to Scotland. Everything was just wonderful.
  • Words of advice from so many friends
  • International Relations lectures (especially one on North Korea – wow, I am fascinated by that place)
  • Filming a couple of very short TV show episodes – super fun
  • Participating in and winning an incredibly fun car treasure hunt with very hilarious, entertaining people (and I was the driver – so fun)
  • Counting ballot sheets
  • Seeing Id-Dritt Vol. XXI (the book I edited) actually done, ready, in my hands. Wow.
  • The launch of Id-Dritt Vol. XXI which went really well
  • A donkey
  • Visiting the morgue and seeing part of an autopsy, and lots of dead bodies! Morbid, but very cool.
  • Hope
  • Watching Never Let Me Go, completely alone at the cinema
  • Just received all of my results. Therefore, I’m graduating again in December and will be Claire Bonello LL.B. Dip. Not. Pub. (Hahahaha it sounds and looks rather silly.) But I’m very pleased with myself.
  • Twin babies
  • Mac-and-cheese
  • Thinking of buying a camera
  • That glorious weekend break
  • The most beautiful swim this summer: at Wied iż-Żurrieq, after the sun had set, in the milky smooth sea, where you could barely tell where the sky and sea met… It was amazing.
  • The new Google Calendar layout
  • Cheese and parma ham and fresh Maltese bread
  • Making strawberry lemonade
  • Glastonbury, baby!
  • End-of-exams celebrations: sushi, cocktails at 3pm, Sexy Beach Hair™, swimming in some gorgeous sea, lapping up some late afternoon sun, giggling-singing-silliness with my best friend, seeing some of my course mates post-exams – such bright, happy faces!
  • Going out to a fancy event with a really handsome guy wearing a yummy suit
  • Irkotta Fest – kannoli, animals, music, and a strawberry milkshake
  • Cyprus: it’s hot, it’s got great cheese, it’s sooo relaxing.
  • A truly wonderful girlie evening with one of my best friends – we made home-made face masks, gushed about Lush, had silly conversations, drank wine… it was just brilliant
  • Plans – oh dearie me. My New Life in the United Kingdom is Very, Very Close, and you can be sure that I’m fretting about it but I’m also even more excited than evaaar.
  • My very successful strawberry lemonade
  • A fantastic day in Gozo, and a couple of awesomely fun days “away from it all” with my boyfriend
  • Rock star soap
  • Following a marching band at the Birgu Festa
  • Booking flights for when I move! EXCITEMENT! I officially leave on 27 September. Oh dear.
  • General fear/excitement about living in Durham (it’s way too close)
  • Telling people that I’m off to Durham for a year
  • Jubilee lunch breaks with one awesome lady
  • Receiving mail from Durham
  • Getting my own domain (finally.)
  • Placing an order for a DSLR camera (finally.)
  • Being in love!
  • Spontaneous group crumping
  • Comino!
  • Visiting the wonderful Durham University Library (wow.)
  • Receiving The Economist at home
  • Staying in on Saturday – TV, ordering in, having some wine, watching X Factor (mockery)
  • Cider
  • Getting over the first mini-hurdle of my MA (a presentation in class)
  • My boyfriend’s cooking and cleaning skillz
  • The Durham Food Festival
  • A massive shopping trip to Lush in Newcastle – so many nice-smelling goodies!
  • Graze boxes
  • The road trip we went on last weekend! Driving around in a super-cool car, stopping at gorgeous places (York! Sheffield! Oxford! Bath!), eating different food, attending my cousin’s baby twins’ Christening, seeing my Maltese aunt, hanging out with family members – a FANTASTIC time.
  • Cosmetic samples
  • Buying two gorgeous dresses from a shop in Oxford
  • The Darkness live!
  • Discovering an amazing hidden cafeteria in Durham – had the most amazing, moist elderflower cake mmm
  • Toasties (with cheddar and chilli flakes)
  • Nutella
  • Feeling the sun beating on my cheeks
  • Graduating for the second time!
  • Handling snakes
  • Going to a formal at University College (Castle) – amazing
  • My Christmas holidays have officially started!
  • Sparkly nail polish
  • Love love love
  • Wearing my fuzziest sweater on Christmas Day
  • A traditional pressie-exchange with my two best friends at Jubilee <3
  • An utterly fantastic wine and cheese (and Love Actually) night with three of my loveliest friends
  • My boyfriend
  • Old text messages
Summary: 2011 was simply splendid.

I must admit, this was SUCH GREAT FUN. I am definitely doing this again next year.


3 Responses to “2011 MEGA TILT”

  1. Jo - Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog December 30, 2011 at 11:02 am #

    ohh i love the idea of heart shaped watermelon! So gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

    • clairecommando December 30, 2011 at 11:25 am #

      :) It’s lovely, isn’t it? x

    • clairecommando December 30, 2011 at 11:28 am #

      PS: wow, thanks for commenting, I just discovered the loveliest blog! (Yours!) :)

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