Top 11 Purchases of 2011

28 Dec

Call me materialistic (I’m not that materialistic, really!), but buying new stuff that turns out to be useful, beautiful, or simply makes life more exciting is one of the things that I always celebrate at a year’s end. And it’s that time of year, yay! These are my top 11 purchases of 2011 (and yes, most of them are grouped since I’m terrible at singling out the actual top 11 purchases of 2011):

  • A bunch of stuff for my new home in Durham (twinkly lights, charity shop plates/bowls in which I keep my jewellery, delicious food, cushions, purple towels, flowers!)
  • My new laptop – it’s just a refurbished HP from PC World, but it’s been a Godsend for my Master’s career. And I can blog super-comfortably with it too!
  • My new phone – I bought it at a ridiculously reduced price and it is SO BEAUTIFUL – practically a little tablet which enables me to do anything I want (such as watch half of Love Actually with my boyfriend on our plane ride back to Malta). It also meant that I could start my Sunday Photo Mishmash since it takes rather lovely photos while I’m out and about.
  • Flight tickets – I bought quite a few in 2011. I went for my Iceland mega-trip in February (but technically those flight tickets had been purchased in December 2010). I visited England and Wales in June 2011 and attended the Glastonbury Festival while I was there. I went on a family trip to Cyprus in August 2011, and finally took a big leap in my life and moved to England in September 2011. There were also several plane tickets to go back and forth between England and Malta.
  • Books – mmm, books. As usual, I’ve bought so many books this year that I have no clue which were the highlights, but I do know that I enjoyed a few history books, Family Matters, The Handmaid’s Tale, and Between Shades of Gray.
  • Clothes – mostly lovely dresses which actually flatter my body shape and make my pear-shaped trunk seem like the most ladylike, womanly thing in the world (which in turn mean a very happy, comfortable Claire)
  • Accessories – shopping for pretty, striking, one-of-a-kind accessories is one of my favourite activities. This year I’ve gotten lots of pretty ones, including jellyfish monsters, necklaces, rings, brooches, hair stuff, and my Primark snood.
  • Christmas presents – I love buying presents; thinking of the perfect thing for that particular person. This year’s main Awesome Purchase was my boyfriend’s Kindle.
  • All sorts of tickets to wonderful experiences! Theatre tickets, cinema tickets, Glastonbury ticket, concert tickets, tickets to formals… (Below: me dressed as Hermione at a Harry Potter Halloween Formal.)
  • My new DSLR camera – oh, my darling, you give me such great joy.
  • Graze boxes – packages of deliciousness delivered to my UK home. Awesome.

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