Things I Love Thursday

15 Dec

  • My Christmas holidays have officially started!
  • Buying the perfect presents for people I love
  • Making plans
  • Going out for dee-licious food
  • My weekly Graze box
  • Helpfulness
  • My boyfriend’s companionship
  • The big fuzzy purple blanket on my bed
  • Knowing I’ll be going home for Christmas next Tuesday
  • Packages full of yummy treats from home
  • A deliciously-soothing bath
  • Sparkly nail polish
  • My Christmas pin
  • Meeting up with three lovely girls from my college before we all part for Christmas
  • This blog post
  • Delicious nibbles after mass last Sunday – photos on my Sunday Mishmash post fo’ sho’
  • Beauty samples
  • That relaxed feeling
  • Terry’s chocolate orange (with volcanic popping candy)
  • Looking at this website, lots
  • Getting a ridiculous amount of views due to Saturday’s blog post
  • Thai food
  • Getting an essay done, slowly but surely
  • Niceness

Let me know what you think! =)

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