Sunday Photo Mishmash: pheasant burgers, a meal inside a castle, and bubbles

11 Dec

My boyfriend makes amazing food for us, from scratch. And this was one of his creations this week. Pheasant burgers with special mash and a relish that had everything from ginger to red currant jelly in it. Mmm.

On Monday we went to a University College (a.k.a. Castle) formal. It was beautiful.

Armour and stuff from the Napoleonic Wars. Wow.

The little menu in front of me.

They have this strange little game/tradition called Corking, which has a whole barrage of rules, but the main gist is that if you ‘get corked’ (like below), you need to down your glass of wine the next time you touch the glass. There’s also double corking, which means you need to down your glass immediately… oh what fun.

I had few expectations for the dessert, which was said to be a simple ‘Daim bar cake’. But oh no. It was so rich and delicious. Perfect end to a yummy meal.

Taken from the Castle courtyard. The hall was in the bit to the right, and their lovely bar is down some steps somewhere to the left.

I didn’t take any more photos with my phone the remainder of the week. (Mainly because the only things worth recording were the arrival of packages in the post, which have been documented by my SLR camera rather than my phone camera.) The only photo left is the one below. My boyfriend and I went out to a lovely pub a few minutes away from our house, and I had some prosecco, because I felt like something bubbly.

Until next week!


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