Things I Love Thursday

8 Dec

  • Graduating for the second time!
  • A delicious meal in Malta after graduation
  • Gigs on a boat on the River Wear on Sunday
  • The promise of snow!
  • All the insanely delicious things my boyfriend has cooked for me these past few days (all from scratch and tastier than ever)
  • Finding good books at the library, and skimming through interesting bits
  • Lovely people in Durham
  • The Night Bus
  • Going to a formal at University College (Castle) – amazing
  • Getting assigned a dissertation supervisor
  • Hope
  • Planning Christmassy fun for Malta
  • Buying Christmas presents online
  • Handling snakes
  • Putting up twinkly lights in my room
  • Exchanging gifts and letters with my best friend after graduation
  • Discussing the future
  • The support and love of my boyfriend (I sound so cheesy – but it’s true!)
  • Long walks and conversations with my boyfriend
  • YouTube videos
  • A really weird and disturbing Channel 4 programme
  • The last episode of Frozen Planet

Let me know what you think! =)

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