Things I Love Thursday

17 Nov

  • Lovely helpful people
  • The Darkness live!
  • Marking 2 years with my wonderful boyfriend
  • Listening to eager students
  • Having a Maltese night at our place for a few of our Asian friends
  • Bright, fresh flowers
  • Imitating David Attenborough with my boyfriend
  • Hardcore work on my first summative assignment for my MA (nervousness!)
  • A very supportive boyfriend when I’m frazzled (and hungry)
  • Putting together a little package
  • Buying little potential Christmas presents (this year I’m thinking of giving big boxes full of sweet, quirky little treats of all types)
  • Living alone – even though I complain about cleaning and washing dishes and thinking about groceries, it’s amazing and I like it very, very much
  • A skype call with my best friend back in Malta
  • Emails with another very, very good friend
  • My boyfriend sending me silly text messages
  • Fascinating people
  • Greenery
  • Noticing sloping hills in the distance while I waited at a bus stop this morning
  • Wilkinson’s
  • My phone
  • Durham
  • Sweet and sour chicken from Nudo in Newcastle
  • Microsoft Word (yes.)
  • The amazing documents I keep finding at this university’s libraries (astounding)
  • Wonderful help from a certain person who I look up to
  • Leftover pizza for breakfast
  • The thought of being in Malta late next week

Let me know what you think! =)

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