Things I Love Thursday

10 Nov

  • The road trip we went on last weekend! Driving around in a super-cool car, stopping at gorgeous places (York! Sheffield! Oxford! Bath!), eating different food, attending my cousin’s baby twins’ Christening, seeing my Maltese aunt, hanging out with family members – a FANTASTIC time.
  • Cosmetic samples (and receiving a Carmine box and a Beauty Box – guilty pleasures, I know.)
  • Really lovely course mates
  • Making decisions and working towards important stuff
  • Trying new things (even if I find out that they are totally not for me)
  • Finding really good deals online
  • A cheese and wine night at my college – there was some really tasty cheese there… mmm…
  • Sending a graze box as a thank you to lovely hosts
  • Beautiful, lovable blonde babies
  • Fireworks (although they don’t hold a candle to Maltese fireworks)
  • Taking photos
  • Buying two gorgeous dresses from a shop in Oxford
  • Getting my Josephine Butler purple hoodie (Josephine Butler is the name of my college in Durham)
  • Deliciously long emails from friends
  • Preparing a couple of mini-packages to send to a couple of friends back in Malta
  • Booking my flight to get back to Durham in early December
  • Trying a perfume sample of Prada’s Candy (it smells exactly like sophisticated candy floss!)
  • Helium balloons
(The picture is of one of the gorgeous buildings in Oxford.)

Let me know what you think! =)

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