Little purchases

29 Oct

While walking home last Wednesday, I popped into a couple of shops which had SALE SALE SALE on their windows, and I emerged with some lovely small items from Body Shop and Whittard’s.

The first photo shows my new pretty mug which was just 3 pounds(!) and the perfect mixture of cute and purple and bright and cheerful. It’s going to be wonderful for mid-winter hot chocolate.

These are what I picked up at The Body Shop. I quite like body butters, and in Malta I’ve got a little tub of the Pink Grapefruit body butter which I had gotten for Christmas. But no body butter in England! Even though I’ve got my glorious Sympathy for the Skin, I still like the idea of having a more buttery cream for my smooth and bumpy bits (tee hee). So I took advantage of the mini-sale and nabbed this wild cherry body butter for about 4 pounds (and it’s quite a nicely-sized tub too).

Then I got a little olive glossing conditioner bottle, which smells amazing and was only 1 pound, so not much to lose!

Mmm, I love nice-smelling little weekday purchases.


Let me know what you think! =)

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