Things I Love Thursday

27 Oct

  • Having a soft drink for the first time in WEEKS
  • Gooey takeaway pizza
  • A proper meal at an Italian restaurant with PERFECT pizza (i.e. perfect for me: disgustingly soft and gooey, with lots of mozzarella and a basil leaf)
  • Lovely English people
  • The insane way English people queue EVERYWHERE and for EVERYTHING. Seriously. It’s increasingly impressive.
  • Cider
  • Getting over nerve-wracking fears and doubts
  • Simply awesome quality time with my boyfriend
  • Productivity and getting-down-to-business days
  • The candlelit procession to Durham Cathedral
  • Getting over the first mini-hurdle of my MA (a presentation in class)
  • People’s kind comments
  • My boyfriend’s cooking and cleaning skillz
  • David Miliband in Conversation
  • Prancing about at an aerobics class
  • Cheap pub food which comes in HUGE, tasty portions
  • The Durham Food Festival
  • Flight Brigade
  • Cheap grocery trips
  • A scholars’ supper at my college (with really yummy food)
  • Lovely smiley friends
  • A month in Durham, today!

Let me know what you think! =)

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