Things I Love Thursday

20 Oct

  • The amazing facilities at Durham
  • Really interesting lectures that I snuck into
  • Ordering and receiving a Glossy Box (guilty pleasure)
  • Chatting with foreign people
  • Receiving packages
  • Receiving my goody bag from Megan – I’ll post about this some time soon with happy reactions and a picture
  • Getting a chunky amount of reading done
  • Interacting with lots of different people at the university
  • Finally registering with the University Health Centre
  • Indian takeaway – mmm
  • Skype calls with my best friend from Malta
  • A delicious bath after a long day (with one of these)
  • Yummy, healthy food prepared by my awesome boyfriend
  • Walking for a long time uphill and not getting as exhausted as I used to get a few weeks ago
  • Going to a yoga class
  • Paella
  • Staying in on a Saturday (watching X Factor – oh dear)
  • Being around my boyfriend practically all day long sometimes – I absolutely love it
  • Going on a big shopping spree for tinned food, pasta, and a million other things (including a corkscrew, finally)
  • My new phone – I love love love love it
  • Pink lemonade for 50p at a bar
  • Fresh flowers for 10p (from Tesco’s at about 9.45pm)
  • Discovering new music
  • Studying/reading next to my boyfriend
  • Ale and pubs
  • Deciding to stay in all day when the forecast says that it’s going to be Extremely Cold (can’t do that today though…)
  • Scones (a.k.a. heaven itself)
(The photo is me on a bridge looking onto the River Wear.)

Let me know what you think! =)

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