New Shoes

16 Oct

I’m not a huge fan of shoes. I don’t regularly (or ever, probably) spend enormous amounts of money on a pair of shoes. I like having a few pairs, but I guess I often see footwear as a necessity rather than “oh-my-God-they’re-so-CUTE”. Yes, I like my Vans and my ballerina flats, but that’s mostly it.

Since I’ve been in Durham I’ve bought a couple of pairs of Very Important Shoes though.

No. 1:

Ankle booties (completely lined with fuzzy woolly stuff for EXTRA warmth) (I think I prefer them when the top bits are rolled down a little) (New Look: about 23 Pounds with student discount)

No. 2:

Indoor slippers (bought from a cheap shoe shop in the centre for 4 or 5 Pounds)

Warm footwear FTW.


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