Things I Love Thursday

15 Sep

  • Being in love!
  • Helping my parents set up a Skype account
  • My boyfriend’s mother’s nutella biscuit cake… OH MY.
  • Attending a super cool rehearsal
  • Singing along to awesome songs
  • Cake and yummy food with two super-super-lovely friends – about 2 hours of chatting and giggling and feel-good-times
  • A Friday evening meal by the sea with my parents; it was such a lovely one
  • Painting a frame letter-box-red
  • Watching a ridiculous film with my best friend
  • Buying a Rubik’s Cube
  • Early afternoon lunches (with divine plates of pasta) with a very lovely friend (and one time her boyfriend joined too – who is also very lovely and who I know for a fact reads my TILTs. So: hai there!)
  • Spontaneous meals
  • Sushiii oh I love you
  • Meeting people and hanging out
  • Fascinating personalities
  • Being a total tourist (I visited the biblioteca AND I visited St John’s Co-Cathedral for an hour yesterday and got the audio-guide and bought a postcard and everything)
  • Being appreciated
  • Sleepovers!
  • A very spontaneous Indian meal for lunch on Sunday (homemade and with little desserts and everything)
  • Getting passport photos taken
  • Going to the Mediterranean Literature Festival
  • Wrapping and giving a birthday present (it had a blue bow and everything)
  • Coping with the silliness of life
  • Finally securing a place in Durham!
  • Silly conversations
  • Squeaky clean teeth after a visit to the dentist
  • Early morning snuggled conversations
  • Encouraging words
  • Fresh orange juice

Let me know what you think! =)

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