Things I Love Thursday

1 Sep

  • Smiling faces
  • Encouragement at the right time
  • Running around Valletta feeling productive and useful
  • Meeting a dear old friend
  • Following a marching band at the Birgu Festa
  • Being helpful
  • Reading up on some history stuff
  • Meeting my boyfriend for lunch in Valletta
  • A much-desired plate of pasta for lunch last week
  • Going to Bugibba for a nutella-and-biscuits crèpe with my best friend (one of our annual traditions for summer)
  • My supportive boyfriend (who can cook up a delicious STORM… mmm…)
  • Tuna steak, Indian food, a parma platter, fresh bread, sweet wine
  • Tasting cupcakes and cakes
  • Watching Magicians with my boyfriend late at night, even though I was nodding off at most points
  • Watching waaay too many episodes of Peep Show
  • Greasy, cheesy pizza at 8.45am
  • Spending some time away from it all (again)
  • Dancing to reggae music
  • Seeing my boyfriend play guitar :)
  • A meet-up with old friends – the restaurant we were going to was shut, so we went to someone’s house after buying some pizzas, and feasted on yummy stuff while chatting non-stop
  • Morning chats with my boyfriend
  • Booking flights for when I move! EXCITEMENT! I officially leave on 27 September. Oh dear.
  • One of my best friends was abroad for a week and it felt like FOREVER, so when we met up for an hour yesterday it was super lovely
  • Compromise and understanding
  • Chatting to a lovely girl about hair and a few of our first world woes
  • My darling cat (who I’m actually going to miss!)
  • Productive calls
  • It’s September!
  • Jotting down some plans for a tiny get-together I’m organising
  • General fear/excitement about living in Durham (it’s way too close)
  • Taking care of my car (I had a screw stuck in a tyre, so I had to go to Mr Tyre Man to ask him to fix the little hole from the inside)
  • Moisturiser

Let me know what you think! =)

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