Things I Love Thursday

25 Aug

  • A fantastic day in Gozo, and a couple of awesomely fun days “away from it all” with my boyfriend
  • Life getting lovelier by the day
  • Getting a new little part-time job
  • Watching comedy with my boyfriend late at night
  • Restful sleep
  • A mediaeval banquet in the middle of a field
  • Freshly washed hair
  • Rock star soap
  • A gift from my best friend (from Lush in Spain!)
  • An owl necklace
  • Relaxing evenings with ravioli and sauce made from Maltese tomato paste (kunserva) and garlic and heaven
  • Choosing a frame for my Bachelor’s degree
  • Tasty treats with two of my best friends
  • Meeting a lovely, amazingly fascinating person
  • Watching the last Harry Potter with my best friend (and asking questions throughout the movie)
  • Surprise visits!
  • Getting things sorted
  • A slushie by the sea with two lovely people, while talking about how the UK is going to be awesome
  • A pile of greasy chips by the sea as the sun went down
  • Hopes and dreams

Let me know what you think! =)

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