Things I Love Thursday

11 Aug

  • Cyprus: it’s hot, it’s got great cheese, it’s sooo relaxing.
  • A very chilly lemon slush on a blisteringly hot day
  • New shoes
  • Hotel food (my diet has consisted of nutella pancakes, perfectly fried eggs, gooey pasta, haloumi, and fancy salads with lots of different dressings)
  • My wonderful boyfriend
  • Some amazing news (will disclose shortly!)
  • Top Gear, wine and cheese
  • An afternoon film with my best friend (Thor – didn’t love it)
  • Two awesome performances of The Burial at Thebes
  • A fantastic review of The Burial at Thebes
  • Lipstick
  • Lovely fellow cast members
  • Going to Lush
  • Text messages
  • Reading by the pool
  • Happy hour (this hotel has the most delicious Pina Coladas EVAR)
  • Looking forward to next week
  • More English relatives
  • Happy, conversational emails
  • A movie channel at the hotel (it’s animated movie season! Yay!)

Let me know what you think! =)

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