Amandopondo (Bubble Bar from Lush): Mini-Review

24 Jul

A couple of days ago I had the mother of all migraines (and I very rarely get headaches), so I resorted to making use of some of the Lush goodies I got from the UK in June, including this bubble bar called Amandopondo. When I had gone to the Lush store, I was going to pick up one of these, but then found their blackcurrant smell to be a little too strong. Then the lovely girl who was helping me out with my (respectably large amount of) purchases suggested a few other bath products… and as soon as I smelt this one I knew that I was going home with it.

This is the accompanying caption:

Lemon and rose to help you forgive and forget. Amandopondo is scented with rose absolute and a twist of lemon and orange oils. Each little cream pillow of this Bubble Bar has a rosebud on top to symbolize an appeal for forgiveness. Present one to anyone to whom you owe an apology; once they have bathed in its rose-scented foam to soothe resentment, lemon to clear the mind and orange to lift the spirits, all should be forgiven.

Adorable, isn’t it? Well, I drew myself a bath, crumbled a chunk of the bar under the running water (it feels so silky against your skin), and it made my bath smell absolutely divine. On top of that, it does its job as a bubble bar really well – I had a huge amount of fluffy bubbles all around. All in all, I emerged soothed yet revitalised. I’m not usually a bath person, but these lovely Lush products are making the occasional bath something I’m definitely looking forward to.



Let me know what you think! =)

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