Things I Love Thursday

16 Jun

It’s been a terrible couple of weeks. These exams have drained every ounce of life out of me, and while I still made myself get out of the house at least once every two days, every step was still an awful struggle. BUT. Now they’re over and I can look FORWARD. Which is fantastic. I can start getting through my insanely long To-Do List, and also get some at-the-beach hours in =) And off to England on Sunday! Yay! So, things I’ve loved this week:

  • Eating ribs and caramelised carrots and so on at my boyfriend’s house (and he has a very large family, compared to mine at least – which is just me and my parents)
  • Watching an encore performance of a theatrical version of The Importance of Being Earnest with one of my best friends (and that play is one of my most favourite plays ever) and having such a lovely evening
  • Għanafest on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • Tortellini with special sauce
  • All exams being over (so grateful for that!)
  • End-of-exams celebrations: sushi, cocktails at 3pm, Sexy Beach Hair™, swimming in some gorgeous sea, lapping up some late afternoon sun, giggling-singing-silliness with my best friend, seeing some of my course mates post-exams – such bright, happy faces!
  • Making my own lunch – brown spaghetti with goat’s cheese, prosciutto, and other assorted sprinkled things
  • Pleasantness and love
  • Getting a package in the mail with make-up I bought from a lovely blog sale



Let me know what you think! =)

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