Things I Love Thursday

9 Jun

  • My boyfriend being so, so patient with me while I mope around studying
  • The fact that six exams are DONE (and I survived relatively unscathed) (ish.)
  • Chinese food
  • Lovely people in my course helping out with worries and confusions
  • Lots of naughty food (because it’s exam time and I Do Not Care)
  • Sleepy cuddles
  • All the activities I do while I should be studying (making lists of things I want to buy from Lush when we’re in England NEXT WEEK (cannot.wait.), watching old episodes of sitcoms and drama series, painting my nails, moisturising my legs, braiding my hair like there’s no tomorrow…)
  • All the things I think about during an exam (yesterday I thought about my 2008 trip to Holland, and conducted a really in-depth analysis of The Count of Monte Cristo. The exam was on Banking and Insurance Law. Yeah.)
  • Highlighters
  • Circling important things in my notes
  • Chunks of red watermelon
  • The fact that today week I’ll be free from law exams for a while at least

Let me know what you think! =)

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