My quick trip to Scotland.

2 Apr


My little trip to Scotland did me a world of good – and it was unbelievably wonderful. UNBELIEVABLY.

I did lots of things which would normally take much longer, and to top it all off, I didn’t feel rushed at all. A good friend was hosting me there and he did a marvellous job: driving me around, providing me with all the amenities I could ever need, and carrying my backpack/suitcase while I trawled through the aisles of Primark.

Let me list a few things I did/love about one of my super-favourite places on earth:

  • Haggis
  • Tesco, open 24hrs a day
  • Stunningly beautiful landscapes
  • Primark, H&M, Waterstone’s and Lush (a.k.a. lots of shopping)
  • Misty fog and foggy mist
  • Bridges
  • Rivers
  • Lochs (lakes)
  • Divinely gorgeous valleys
  • Indian takeaway
  • A meal with lovely people
  • Dundee
  • Perth
  • Glenshee
  • Loch Leven
  • A random castle (NOT OPEN FOR VISITORS) and a road next to it which would have allegedly ‘wrecked’ our car had we kept driving on. Oops.
  • Scottish people, their attitude, their accents, their freckles
  • The guy in front of me in the security check queue at Edinburgh airport (he was rather good looking and wearing a KILT)
  • The Tay Bridge (which I could see outside the room where I was sleeping! Gorgeous.)
  • Highland cows, grouse, sheep, horses
  • Scones with huge dollops of butter and jam

There’s so much more. I also got three whole seats for myself on the flight back (so I could snooze when the seatbelt sign was off) and I got to see Geneva and the Alps really clearly. It was an utterly delicious trip, all round.


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