Channelling an Icelandic Heidi.

6 Mar

I was at a loss when trying to come up with a quickly-put-together costume for carnival. Then my best friend suggested that I wear my Icelandic lopapeysa, and after styling my hair in a braided Heidi-like style and putting on a bit of make-up, I created a sort of Icelandic-Heidi-mountaineering-woman look for myself.

My costume included an Icelandic woolly bag. (And a deranged look, apparently.)


2 Responses to “Channelling an Icelandic Heidi.”

  1. Anna March 6, 2011 at 5:05 pm #

    The second photo is absolutely gorgeous. :)


  1. May Challenge #6 – Something out of my comfort zone, but I still love it « Claire's (online) Chronicles - May 6, 2012

    […] I love lopapeysas, but woolly sweaters usually make me feel a little extra-chubby, so you could say that they’re a little out of my comfort zone. I still love them to bits though, even though I don’t wear them too often. I wore this one for carnival last year, featured here. […]

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