Things I Love Thursday

3 Mar


  • Watching a play in Maltese which was highly entertaining and just good theatre
  • Watching families interact and love each other
  • Seeing Libyan people outside their embassy, and following the news extra-carefully this week
  • BBC World Service programmes while driving to my boyfriend’s house
  • Some time with a couple of silly yet super-lovely old friends
  • Indian food
  • Effortless sleepovers
  • Seeing a friend of mine running the half marathon (and then finishing it! For the second time!)
  • Spare ribs, with lots of people. Messy food is fun.
  • The fortune and blessing of being able to visit quite a few restaurants every week
  • Getting a huge project very, very nearly done
  • Advice
  • Understanding weird legal things
  • Lovely friends
  • Visiting people
  • Feeling loved, pretty, and special
  • A good hair day (yes, just one. But STILL.)

Let me know what you think! =)

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